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March 29, 2017

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Aeronav’s Alsim ALX Simulator

September 20, 2017


ALSIM has been developing and manufacturing FAA and EASA certified FNPT II, FNPT II MCC and AATD flight simulators since 1994. They have more than 265 devices installed worldwide, and more than 190 customers. One of their most recent installations was an Alsim ALX for Aeronav Academy based at Lanseria.




Aeronav Academy is a well-known and established name in the aviation training industry in South Africa. They operate a modern fleet of predominantly Diamond Aircraft, namely the DA20 Eclipse and diesel-powered, Garmin 1000 equipped DA42 Twinstar – but a simulator to complement instrument, multi-engine and multi-crew training has been missing. That is no longer the case. After much research of a range of companies and simulators, Aeronav decided to add the Alsim ALX Simulator to its fleet, which they purchased in late 2016.

The Alsim ALX is an EASA and FAA-approved FNPT II single and multi-crew simulator. It supplies a complete training cycle where ab initio students with zero hours’ experiences can be trained to airline-type rating standards on the same device.

Aeronav says the ALX has all the functionality they require to cater to PPL students all the way through to multi-crew ATPL pilots, namely:

Single, multi-engine and turbine aircraft integrated into one simulator

Advanced instrument capability, such as RNAV, Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) and weather radar

Both analogue and glass cockpits



Multi-Crew Coordination (MCC)

Furthermore, the ALX features a high degree of realism, with a high-definition visual system and force-feedback.

By using what Alsim calls a ‘generic’ cockpit design, the ALX simulator provides up to four classes of aircraft and ten flight models in one device. Classes include single piston, twin piston, twin turbine and medium category twin jet. The principle involved is not learning to pilot and control one specific aircraft but to understand the logic and procedures common to each class of aircraft. This means that the instrument panel has to be designed with this in mind: it must not mirror the design of any particular aircraft but reflect all the systems that might be found in each aircraft class. Thus, the ALX is a scalable device, designed to fit and grow with customer demands.

With the increasing worldwide need for airline focussed training to address the looming shortage of capable airline pilots, the Multi-Pilot Licence is gaining popularity. This ICAO initiative, and recognised training and licence, requires extensive use of flight simulators. The ALX complies with all Phase 1 and 2 requirements, and most of the features required for Phase 3 are taken into account. This means that the ALX can be used to extend Phase 2 and therefore minimize Full Flight Simulator time in Phase 3, saving costs for both flight schools and pilots.

Aeronav’s ALX simulator supports the following aircraft types:

Cessna 172 – single engine piston

Piper PA28 Arrow – ‘complex’ single engine piston

Piper PA44 Seminole – piston twin

Beechcraft King Air 200 – multi-engine turbine and MCC

The simulator can be easily upgraded to support higher ‘levels’, which integrate a greater number of aircraft. Thus, a flight school can choose the best level to fit its needs, but can also upgrade its simulator at any time, allowing for simulator training on more advanced aircraft, without the need to purchase additional simulators.

Aeronav placed their order for the Alsim ALX in late 2016. By July 2017 it had arrived and it has been installed. Aeronav are currently going through the certification process with the CAA.


Defence – Darren Olivier

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